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Labyrinth of Jareth 2013


Cat & Jan at Labyrinth of Jareth in Los Angeles, CA

A Masquerade for the Holiday Weekend


Yes, I can balance a sword on my head.

It was a fun time with my friend, Jannah, as my date for the evening at the 16th annual Labyrinth of Jareth masquerade ball in Los Angeles.  (Thank you, Barry, for letting me borrow your wife for a fun girl’s night out.)

You can’t really see how pretty the wings are in the pictures, or the fact that my bustle was all lit up with LEDs.  But trust me, they were!

Also, a huge thank you to Cynthia and Mark, and the rest of the dancers and musicians of Seraphim Mora Dance Troupe for the guest tickets.  We really enjoyed the show!  Let me know if you ever want me back on stage with you.  It would be my pleasure.  I love doing shows with you guys!  =)

And one more thank you to Donovan, Ed Lee and friends for the fabulous drum circle.  It was great getting to jump in on your set at the end of the evening to have some fun.  We enjoyed dancing to your beats.  It must have been good, because some really nice party-goers gave me and Jan each a beautiful white rose as a thank you for sharing our tribal style moves.

Labyrinth2013b Labyrinth2013c SeraphimMora