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Most people define SUCCESS as a measure of accrued power, wealth and fame. We spend an exorbitant amount of time striving for more—more money for more stuff, a loftier place on the company ladder, utter dominance in our local spheres. We want everyone to love us, and in this media driven age, we seem to have learned that the only way to accomplish this is via celebrity status.

We’ve lost sight of personal FULFILLMENT, and the concept that what we nurture within becomes the foundation of what we manifest around us. Fulfillment is a byproduct of a happy self. No matter how many financial, emotional or physical burdens we must overcome, a healthy dose of dedicated personal growth can help us thrive and be successful.

Our inner dialogues become an indelible imprint upon who we are. Without tending to what truly motivates us, we can easily be overwhelmed by negativity.

SophiainLRAccording to my author, poet, correspondent friend, Sophia Ann Montoya, this negativity adversely affects our actions and reactions, regardless of the circumstances, resulting in disproportionate feelings and behavior. She discusses our need to manage our state of mind, so we can stay on course and be successful.

Some of the many pitfalls we face today:

  • Failing to recognize and develop our innate talents and abilities
  • A consuming craving for the opinions of others
  • A need to interject our own negative thoughts on any given subject
  • A temptation to do all sorts of crazy things to get noticed by others
  • Giving in to destructive behavior such as obsession, jealousy, criticality, aggression, contempt, revenge, etc.

LEARN.SAMSophia prescribes a recipe for Falling in Love with the Life You Create, and challenges us to Dare to Succeed!

  • Learn – everything that captures your interest
  • Practice – what you learn
  • Perform – set your new skills into action
  • Perfect – new skills open new doors
  • Fulfillment – live in a happy state of mind

Visit her website to delve further into her formula for SUCCESS!!!