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LA Times Festival of Books 2014


The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC

The start of my spring book signing tour for newly released ELFKIND…

FoB_SigningIt was a perfect, sunny, breezy-hot day at the USC campus this year…

After the USC Trojans opened the ceremonies with an impressive display of brass and tympony, I spent the morning checking out the other booths and buying, well, BOOKS.

Then it was my turn to take a seat at the GLAWS booth signing table.  It wasn’t an event geared toward genre fiction, or SF/F/H in general, so I expected it to be slow.  So imagine my surprise when one of my co-workers stopped by my signing station to buy a book and say hello.  (Thank you, Taffy!!!)

I sold some book bags to the poor folks lugging stacks of books around, and handed out a lot of postcards that afternoon.  And my Amazon numbers went up the next couple of days, so the e-Readers definitely followed through.

I truly appreciate the folks who came back for a second look and bought themselves an e-Book.  I feel so blessed when anyone gives me a chance!!!

IMG_4124 IMG_4125

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The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2013


The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, USC Campus

I Read, Therefore I AM…

I hopped the Blue Line to USC’s campus early in the morning to partake of the largest book festival in Southern Californial – the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

While there, I spent most of my time wandering up and down rows of vendor booths and meeting with friends and collegues.  In previous years, I was able to attend more panel discussions and autograph tables, and I wish I’d had more time to do that this year as well.

GLAWS_gangAs it was, I had my marketing cap on as I perused what other authors, editors and publishers were doing to promote their work.  These days, authors have to be marketers and publicists as much as anything else, and we often lament the writing time lost upon the altar of self promotion.

I spent some time at the GLAWS booth with my fellow Greater Los Angels Writers Society folks, just taking in the activity swarming around the booth (it was busy!) and helping out what little bit I could.

I was thrilled to celebrate two new book releases from fellow GLAWS authors, Ace Antonio Hall and Mike Robinson.  I got my personal copies signed, giddy with excitement for their accomplishments, and eager to partake of their good fortune myself in the future.  (Which is no small feat when you’re patiently awaiting word back from your editor!)

Ace Sylva Mike prince

There were a lot of small press booths making a good showing this year.  It appears the old publishing paradigm is continuing to shift, not unlike the music industry in recent years.  Red Phoenix Books was one such booth, where I paid a visit to a couple of my author friends, DeAnna Cameron and Claudia Alexander.