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LA Times Festival of Books 2014

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The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC

The start of my spring book signing tour for newly released ELFKIND…

FoB_SigningIt was a perfect, sunny, breezy-hot day at the USC campus this year…

After the USC Trojans opened the ceremonies with an impressive display of brass and tympony, I spent the morning checking out the other booths and buying, well, BOOKS.

Then it was my turn to take a seat at the GLAWS booth signing table.  It wasn’t an event geared toward genre fiction, or SF/F/H in general, so I expected it to be slow.  So imagine my surprise when one of my co-workers stopped by my signing station to buy a book and say hello.  (Thank you, Taffy!!!)

I sold some book bags to the poor folks lugging stacks of books around, and handed out a lot of postcards that afternoon.  And my Amazon numbers went up the next couple of days, so the e-Readers definitely followed through.

I truly appreciate the folks who came back for a second look and bought themselves an e-Book.  I feel so blessed when anyone gives me a chance!!!

IMG_4124 IMG_4125

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