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How Does One Deal with Loss?

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ORIGINALLY POSTED: January 11, 2014

The New Year Is Presenting Its Hardships So Soon…

So how does one deal with loss?…

Interestingly, this is one of the themes of my current novel, Elfkind.  But sadly, this weekend, it became the reality of mine and my friends’ lives, when we lost one of our own at an extremely early age.

We will miss you, Brian. The world is diminished without you.

I wrote a note to one of my favorite souls — for his wife really.  And so my community understands…  CCU10 stands for: Critical Care Unit, Bed #10.  An acronym penned indelibly on my heart, because there was a room full of loved ones wearing name tags with this term CCU10 written on it.  For some reason, it riveted me to those horrid days in the hospital as we waited for news of progress.



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