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ORIGINALLY POSTED: March 29, 30 & 31, 2013

WonderCon in Anaheim, CA

I Wonder, Wonder, Wonder… CONVENTION PANELS, DAY 3

My final day at the convention opened with a peek at Joss Whedon’s latest project of Shakespearian proportions – Much Ado About Nothing.  He introduced the cast after apologizing for Nathan Fillion’s absence (boo!), then joined them for a Q&A about the movie he filmed in his Los Angeles home over the course of 12 days.

Eric Eisenberg did an amazing write-up of this panel for  Check it out here if you want more details and a look at the trailer!

Joss Ado1 Ado2 Ado3  Clark

Next up… More Nerdist you say?  Fantastic!

Because if you think a nerd girl like me can get too much Nerdist, you’re wrong.  I was there with bells on when Chris Hardwick stepped up to moderate a panel discussion and field Quemments with participants from new and upcoming antics at Meltdown.

Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad talked about the Nerdist Channel version of Set List a stand-up comedy challenge drawn from topics projected onto a screen onstage.

Also, Matt Bennett, co-star of Victorious, talked about his newest project Nerdy Jobs.

The Nerdist blog coverage of this panel gives you even more information.  Just go here

Oh, and we were all glad to hear Chloe was feeling better!

Chris Nerdist1 Nerdist2

My last panel of the con was a Q&A with the cast of CW’s new show Arrow.  As a fellow ARCHERY ENTHUSIAST, I’ve been enjoying the show so far, so I was really pleased to see how many cast members came out to meet their fans.  Alas, I didn’t get a wrist-band for the autograph signing, but I stopped by the DC booth after the panel to nab a couple of photos (below).

What nerd girl doesn’t love a man in leather wielding a bow and doling out heavy hits to bad guys from a motorcycle?!!!  I’ve got my own bike, Oliver.  Let’s ride!

When asked, Stephen lamented over the fact that they don’t let him do as much on the bikes as he’d like, despite the many other stunts they let him do on set.

Considering they’ve got Dr Who cast members popping in and out most weeks, I’m hooked on this show now for the long run.  John Barrowman plays Tommy’s father, and they just had Alex Kingston guest as Laurel’s mom.

Other stellar guests include Manu Bennett as Slade and Kelly Hu as China White.  (Loved you in X-Men, Kelly.)  Plus, Thea called Roy “Speedy” in a recent episode (nudge-nudge), and series writer Marc Guggenheim hinted we might be seeing more from Deathstroke.  Whoot!

As for the cast members present at WonderCon…

I’ve been a fan of Paul Blackthorne since he played Harry Dresden in the Dresden Files.  (I was bummed when they canceled that show.  I read a couple of Jim Butcher’s Dresden books and really enjoyed them.)

Stephen Amell is doing a great job as our dark, complicated hero.  He’s certainly working hard to fulfill the role.  Not to mention the writers are adding some dimension to Willa Holland’s role in later episodes.  I’m looking forward to seeing it all play out.

They’re planning to twist things up for Colin Donnell as well, which should make things interesting with him and John Barrowman.  He busted out an Arrow parody song for convention-goers with his amazing voice.  I guess word had gotten out after the cast’s 2012 holiday party, and someone had the sense to ask for an encore.  Well done, Colin.

So, what’s next for Arrow, you ask?  Check out the COMIC BOOKS and KEEP WATCHIGN THE SHOW to find out!

Oliver2 Arrow GA_Cv17_R1 Oliver Arrow1 Arrow2

One final romp in the Exhibit Hall before going home…

It was nice to see some fellow NERDS come out to play at the Con.  Ivan was doing interviews on the Exhibit Hall floor, and I’m pretty sure I saw Moogega outside in the parking lot.

And of course the artwork and autographs abounded.  The cast of Arrow, Peter Mayhew, Richard Hatch, Frank Cho and Brent Anderson were the tip of the iceberg…!

Ivan Anderson Cho Hatch Peter ArrowEx ArrowEx2

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