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Edit, edit, edit, listen, learn…  Oh!  & Sleep?

That’s what I did this weekend.

“Sleep?” you say.  Not much really.  A friend recommended a good migraine medication.  We’ll have to see how that goes!


Ace Antonio Hall with Panelists

I’ve waited years to be able to say: I got my editorial letter this week!  The timing is, of course, impeccable.  Given my grueling work schedule, not to mention everything else on my calendar these days.  There was little time left for sleep amidst all the editing but excellent progress was made.  Elfkind is shaping up to be a terrific story!

I brought my editing with me to the GENRE-LA writers conference on Saturday.  There were some great panel discussions, and I wished I was able to attend all three days.  We missed you, David Gerrold, and hope you feel better soon!


Catherine Cruzan and Leslie Ann Moore

The keynote speech by Gene Del Vecchio was fascinating: Creating Blockbusters!  How to Generate and Market Hit Entertainment for TV, Movies, Video Games and Books.  If you’re a writer, I recommend you check it out.

Some noteworthy panel topics included discussions on blurring the lines between Hero and Villain, Crafting Sci Fi versus Fantasy Worlds, A Pinch of Improbability – A Dash of Imagination,  and Mind Blowing Plot Twists & Dropping Clues.


Catherine Cruzan and Ace Antonio Hall

With noteworthy panelists: Neo Edmund, Gary Phillips, Ace Antonio Hall, Leslie Ann MooreKarl Alexander, George Snyder, Morgan St. James, Victory Crayne and many more.  I wish I could have seen them all!

Thank you to Tony N. Todaro and the GLAWS event staff for a wonderful event.

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